Tiger Heating - The Gas, Oil, LPG & Biomass Boiler Specialists
Tiger Heating - The Gas, Oil, LPG & Biomass Boiler Specialists
Tiger Heating - The Gas, Oil, LPG & Biomass Boiler Specialists

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Tiger Heating cover an area of around 20 miles radius from our base in the Kent Downs which allows us access to Canterbury, Ashford, Folkstone & Hythe

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The build-up of iron oxide is an ongoing issue within most central heating systems. We offer a MagnaCleanse service that delivers an extremely effective solution to iron oxide build up. We also provide ongoing lifetime protection with the installation of a MagnaClean domestic magnetic filter. This treatment is guaranteed to add life to your combi boiler.

Central Heating 'Power System Flushing vs Sludge'

What’s really going on inside your central heating system? We all take our central heating for granted but believe it or not it does need some love in order to create maximum heat output and save you money on your fuel consumption.

Over time you will get a build of sludge within the system in the trade we call this iron oxide in a nutshell lots of small magnetic particles floating around in the system. Every time your boiler heats up and cools down little bits of metal leave the inside of the radiator and heat exchanger and join the central heating water - floating around until the find somewhere new to rest. Eventually these particles will choke your boiler and radiators.

The best way to prolong the life of your boiler and radiators is to power flush these particles out and install a magnetic filter. At Tiger Heating we are big fans of the MagnaClean system - this involves us connecting a large industrial magnetic filter to your system and catching all the particles in the system whilst we vibrate all the sludge out of the radiators. Fun eh!

Once we have completed this we install a permanent magnetic filter along with inhibitor chemicals just before the dirty water enters the boiler ensuring that the boiler heat exchanger stays lovely and clean. This is especially important for combi boilers that have a very delicate heat exchanger. I could show you photos but it ain’t pretty.

Our engineers are highly experienced and offer the full range of boiler services around the Kent area. We’re fully qualified and certified for Gas Boilers with Gas Safe (previously Corgi). We pride ourselves on providing a reliable and trustworthy service.

Please give us a ring to book an engineer's visit for your Magnaclean Service on 01233 750950 or 0800 7734 999 or email. We also provide a range of boiler and heating services including Gas Boiler Installations, Repairs, Oil and Biomass Boiler services along with full Central Heating services. If you're not sure what you're after, we'd be happy to chat through your options with you.


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